Religious Tourism

Paderu Mandal is home to the Sri Modakondamma Temple. This is a well-known temple in Visakhapatnam.

Sri Sri Modakondamma Ammavari Padalu is a well-known destination on the Narsipatnam-Paderu Road. People visit Sri Modakondamma Padalu before going to the Paderu Modakondamma Temple. Modakondamma Padalu is situated in the Modapalli Junction agency village (Padalu). Minumuluru Waterfalls, located 5 kilometres from Modapalli Junction, is one of the best places to visit.

Sri Modakondamma Temple is a well-known temple in Paderu that attracts a large number of devotees every day. The Paderu deity Sri Modakondamma Ammavaru is a powerful deity. Devotees hold the firm belief that by praying to the deity, their sins are washed away and their desires are fulfilled. As a result, the number of pilgrims/devotees visiting this temple has risen dramatically over the years. The important religious observance will be celebrated every year, attracting a large number of pilgrims, and fireworks will, as always, entertain the audience. All Sri Modakondamma Ammavaru devotees are invited to join our community.

Madukondamma Ammavari Temple Paderu