District Officers

1 Revenue District Revenue   Officer      
2 Agriculture Joint Director,    Agriculture      
3 Animal Husbandry Joint Director,   Animal Husbandry      
4 APMSIDC The Executive   Engineer, APMSIDC      
5 AP State Minorities   Finance Corporation Ltd Executive Director,   AP State Minorities Finance Corp Ltd      
6 APIIC Zonal Manager   (Regular) APIIC      
7 Arecheology &   Museums Assistant Director,   Archeology & Museums      
8 Audit The District Audit   Officer, State Audit      
9 APMIP Project Director,   APMIP      
10 Ayush Regional Deputy   Director, Ayush      
11 ATMA Project Director,   ATMA      
12 APSRTC Regional Manager,   APSRTC      
13 Agriculture marketing RJD, Marketing      
14 BC Services Co-op   Society Executive Director,   BC Services Co – Op Society      
15 BC Welfare Deputy Director, BC   Welfare Officer      
16 Civil Supplies   Corporation District Manager,   A.P.State Civil Supplies Corporation      
17 Civil Supplies District Supply   Officer (City)      
18 Commercial Tax Deputy Commissioner,   Commercial Tax      
19 Co-operative Joint Registrar /   District Cooperative Officer/      
20 Central Prison Superintendent of   Jails, Central Prison      
21 D R D A Project Director,   DRDA      
22 Disabled Welfare Assistant Director,   Disabled Welfare      
23 DW&CDA Project Director, DW   & CD      
24 DWMA Project Director,   DWMA      
25 Education District Educational   Officer      
26 APSSA Project Officer,   APSSA (RVM)      
27 Electricity Superintending   Engineer, APEPDCL      
28 Employment District Employment   Officer (Clerical)      
29 Endowment Deputy Commissioner,   Endowments      
30 Factories Deputy Chief   Inspector of Factories      
31 Finance/Treasury Deputy Director,   District Treasury      
32 Fire and Emergency   services District Fire Officer      
33 Fisheries Joint Director,   Fisheries      
34 Forest Addl.PCCF      
35 Ground Water   Department Deputy Director,   Ground Water      
36 Pay & Accounts Pay and Accounts   Officer      
37 Horticulture Assistant Director,   Horticulture      
38 ITDA Project Officer ,   ITDA, Paderu      
39 Information &   Public Relations Assistant Director,   I&PR      
40 Industries General Manager,   Industries      
41 Labour Department Joint Commissioner of Labour      
42 Legal Metrology Assistant Controller,   Legal Metrology